Geppetto's Workshop LLC

Geppetto’s Workshop is a boutique venture capital investor. We say boutique because our investment criteria are narrowly focused on the intersection between data, intelligence and distributed computing while further constrained by our interest is only handful of technologies. This handful of technologies are typically developed or well understood by our Portfolio companies.


TriplePoint, Analytic Server for Snowflake.

Enth uses machine learning to integrate private and public consumer data to better understand behavior.


TeraCube, Analytic Server for Teradata, acquired by Microstrategy (MSTR) for $250M.

NetRegulus, Regulatory ERP, acquired by Parametric Technologies (PTC) terms undisclosed.

            Geppetto’s Workshop LLC was founded in 1994
            and is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.
            Contact information:
                   Oak Brook, IL
                   (630) 986-8700